How we work with the film industry 

Studio997 have been servicing the film industries for over 13 years. We work with some of the top UK production companies serving the film studios in Pinewood and Shepperton, but also work closely with some of the smaller independent production companies in Windsor and the surrounding area. 

Our skills and expertise are from building relationships 

Our in-depth knowledge of high-end television production and film production and the demands placed on the teams to get it right first time, puts us right in the heart of the production process, helping the teams to meet time scales on every project, every time. 

How do we work with the film industry? 

SOur clients have the reassurance that we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement when we work with a new production company. All the previous films and TV services we have worked on have to remain confidential. 
Our Managing Director and owner of Studio997 has wrapped: 
Props, of any size 
Vehicles to be used on set 
Full sets 
We have wrapped small props, like tabletops but larger sets like bars, walls, and surfaces to create the exact look and feel needed for that scene. 
We have worked on many of the well-known UK award winning films and TV series. 
An example of how we work: 
“One of our senior technicians flew out to a location in the UK, the environment needed to be transformed to look like a street in America, we wrapped all the lamp posts in a colour film to replicate an American streetlamp.” 

We also provide branding for a new film launches or new TV series. 

How to make the most of your exhibition and conference display equipment? 
Wrapping your display graphic panels with the latest branding is easy when you book our team of experts to create new wraps for your exhibition stands. 
We can help you create appealing graphics to bring more potential customers to your stands. 

Events & Entertainment industry graphics 

As the events and entertainment industry opens back up, utilizing existing collateral and wrapping with a new set of designs, can keep the cost to a minimum but expand the life of the original expenditure. 
Whether you need to re-wrap a doughnut or prosecco wall, a backdrop for a themed wedding or baby shower, create visuals for a birthday party, hen or stag do, our design team can create your personalised event items using our vinyl wrap. 

We also provide branding for a new film launches or new TV series 

At Studio997, we have wrapped cars, vans, lorries, busses, and motorbikes along with promotional hoarding, fronts of buildings and large posters etc to promote a new film or box set series is our business. 
We have worked in partnership with marketing departments in the film and production industry to create visual branding for new launches, sponsorships, and product placement deals, always beating our clients’ expectations on service, price, and productivity. 

Long term relationships with the Film and production industry 

Our team of experts are responsive to the dynamics within the film production industry, a set could need to be changed on the day and our understanding of the film industry and their needs allows us to be fully responsive. Our knowledge spans over 25 years, making us to go to wrapping company in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Surrey. 
If you are looking for expert wrapping for your next film production, contact us today for a confidential quotation. 


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