Does wrapping damage your vehicle? 
No, wrapping does not damage your vehicle, it protects it. A car with only a paint surface may chip if it is hit with a small stone, whereas a vehicle which has been wrapped will often be protected. 
Will extreme weather conditions affect my car wrap? 
For example: 
Snow and frost 
Heaving rain 
Extreme heat 
Any extreme weather condition can impact on a car wrap over a longer period of time, in the UK it is unlikely we have sustained extreme weather, but if you are exporting your vehicle abroad, speak to one of our technicians for further advice. 
Can I unwrap my car if I need to change the design? 
Yes, customers who use their vehicles to brand their business often change the branding when they launch a new product or service. This will extend the time we need your vehicle; it can take up to 2 days to unwrap a vehicle so allow that in your timings. 
How long will my car wrap last for? 
A professionally wrapped vehicle will last between 3-5 years, this will clearly depend on the weather conditions, how you clean your vehicle, are you using the recommended products and where your vehicle is generally parked. 
Can I put my wrapped car through the car wash? 
We advise you do not use a mechanical car wash or a manual car wash where you don’t know the chemicals that are being used on your vehicle. You will be given advice and recommendation of which products are best suiting to the type of wrapping your car has undertaken. 
If you have a pressure washer at home, we recommend only use on a LOW pressure, if you can hand wash, this is better for the vehicle and will extend the life of the wrap. 
Does a window tint keep the car cooler? 
Yes, adding a metalized tint to a window can help reduce the heat in the car by reflecting the sun’s rays and can also reduce glare, however this can depend on the tint shade, so check with your dealer first. 
Can I wrap inside my car? 
The simple answer is yes, if you have invested in getting your car wrapped, adding the internal trim will take your car from an average looking car to ‘super car status’. It also will help protect against any internal scuffing, keeping your car looking impressive for longer. 
Do my insurance company need to know I have wrapped my vehicle? 
Yes, we would recommend you discuss any changes you plan to make to your vehicle with your insurance company first before you go ahead. It can depend on your insurance company to the approach they may take. 
What are the advantages of Paint protection on my car? 
There are a few advantages of getting paint protection on your car. 
• It helps your vehicle retain its value 
• It provides a protection coat for your paint work. 
• Keeps your car looking better for longer. 
Do you offer an in-house graphic design service? 
Yes, we have an inhouse graphic designer at Studio997. Our graphic designers can do anything from preparing you a new logo, through to designing you a full wrap for your company vehicles, that includes designs for a company van, lorry, car of motorbike. 
Our graphic design team are experts in working with clients who want their logos or visuals to be on a vehicle, getting the best visual interpretation for your business. 


Vehicle Graphics are a fantastic way to change the appearance of your vehicle and promote your business 


Vehicle wrapping is one of the fastest up-and-coming markets in the graphics industry today. 


An advanced coating applied by hand and providing years of protection to your vehicle 


Our Paint protection film can help keep your vehicle looking shiny and helps improve resistance to stone chips and scratches. 


Vehicle signage is the most successful way to get your brand and organisation noticed. 


Our large format printing uses start of the art digital printing equipment and perfect for large scale commercial projects. 


Window tinting is a thin laminated film which is applied to either the interior or exterior of the vehicle window. 


We provide a wide range of graphic & logo design services, including design work for clothing and print. 
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